Mineral springs

Experience our seven healing waters

Water - the elixir of life

For more than 250 years the healing powers of our seven mineral springs have been used. An extremely small salt content and a highly effective mineralisation provide the basis for the curative effects of various medical treatments. Use water as your elixir of life through drinking cures or bathing in healing water and medical baths.


The drinking fountain of this mineral spring is located in the ‚Georgi-Kurpark’ in the town centre. This water heals diseases of gastroenteric, liver and intestinal diseases.

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König Ludwig I. - Quelle

This ferreous spring heals heart and articulator diseases and is used in drinking cures as well as in medical baths. The healing water is bottled by the ‚Staatlicher Mineralbrunnen AG’ (state mineral fountain plc) and is sold in various shops. Try this healing water also in the König Ludwig I. fountain in the ‘Wandelhalle’ or in the Dorint Medical Spa in the historic town quarter ‘Royal Spa’. Drinking is free for guest card holders.

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Siebener Quelle

Medical baths in the water of this sulphurous mineral spring is suitable for bone and joint diseases, rheumatism, arthrosis and skin disorders. A drinking cure with the ‚Siebener Quelle’ is a highly effective treatment on intestinal diseases. There is a public Siebener Quelle Fountain just around the corner from the Water Park Sinnflut. Medical baths can be taken in the sauna area of the water park and also in the PhysioVital therapy center in the ‘Siebener Park’.

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Wernarzer Quelle

The acidulous water of the ‚Wernarzer Quelle’ has a high amount of natural carbonic acid. Therefore it is used for kidney diseases and nephritis, urolith diseases and diseases of the vegetative nervous system. Patients can be treated with baths in healing water and drinking cures. Bottled healing water is sold in different shops throughout Germany.

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Sinnberger Quelle

Patients with urolith diseases and nephritis are treated very well with the healing water of the ‚Sinnberger Quelle’. It also has a positive impact on the oral and bronchial mucosa. The water of the ‘Sinnberger Quelle’ is bottled and sold by the ‚Staatliche Mineralbrunnen AG’.

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Lola Montez Quelle

With its very low amount of sodium and salt the healing spring 'Lola Montez Quelle' is used for treating disorders of the uric acid metabolism. The healing water is used as a supportive treatment for diabetes and intestinal, celiac and liver diseases. The Lola Montez Fountain is located in the 'Wandelhalle' in the beautiful royal ‘Schlosspark’.

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Bad Brückenauer Vitalquelle

With its sourly and mineral taste and a combination of a high carbon dioxide and carbonic acid level drinking the ‚Vitalquelle’ is a real adventure. It is a treatment for increased uric acid levels and supports the treatment of diabetes and intestinal, celiac and liver diseases. Preventive effects of occlusive vascular diseases and circulatory disorders can as well be achieved with a drinking cure.

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