Bad Brückenau
Adorable and recreative.

Bad Brückenau

The small, charming town Bad Brückenau lies in the picturesque valley of the Sinn, surrounded by wonderful nature. Here in the heart of Germany, in the North of Bavaria, a very special hospitality emerged over centuries. The spa town business takes place in the center of Bad Brückenau and in the very attractive quarter Bayerisches Staatsbad, which is only three kilometers away.

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Caravans / campsites
Schlosspark 10 caravan pitches
Buchwaldstraße 20 gravelled caravan pitches


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Mineral springs

Water - Energy of Life

Bad Brückenau's tradition as "Place of Health" is due to the seven mineral springs. For more than 250 years the healing power of the water is used for medical treatments.

  • 1 Wernarzer Quelle (1747)
  • 2 König Ludwig I.-Quelle (1747)
  • 3 Sinnberger Quelle (1749)

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Where health has a history

Because of the beneficial, healing power of the springs and the exemplary health promotion, a stay in Bad Brückenau is suggested with many complaints.

  • 1 Kidneys, urethra, bladder
  • 2 Cardiovascular system
  • 3 Nervous system diseases

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Wellness facilities

Wellness facilities

Breath for health at the Regena Natural Salina, enjoy sauna and healing water pools in the Water Park Sinnflut or make royal wellness experiences in the Vital Spa & Garden

  • 1 Water Park Sinnflut
  • 2 Vital Spa & Garden
  • 3 Regena Natural Salina

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